Mosaic Art

Teacher: Dale

Dale has been working with mosaics for over 20 years and over 30 years in mixed media and sculpture.  While living in Hawaii Dale's mosaic classes were very popular. 

In January and February classes you'll be getting creative with some fun and funky fish. We'll be using tumbled stained glass and other recycled materials to create a fish with lots of personality! We will be using wood templates in various shapes. Also the stained glass I use is tumbled so you can just dig right in. 

The 1st class will be 3 hours.

1. Paint and seal your wood template.

2. Layout your design.

The 2nd class will be 2 hours.

1. Finish laying out your design.

2. Adhere glass to fish template.

The 3rd class will be 2 hours.

1. Grout your fish.

2. Glue eyes and side fin. That's when they get their personality!

The 4th class will be 1 hour.

1. You will seal your masterpiece with grout sealer. Very important!

2. Take photos!

3. Party with appetizers! Yum!

Your fish will be 10" and ready to hang. 


Check Calendar for the next workshop date.



Sundays, January 5 - 28  at 1 pm. 

- $95.00 includes materials


Mondays, February 3rd - 24th at 10 am

- $95.00 includes materials

Pre-registration is required.

Payable in full at the 1st class. I do accept credit cards. There is a minimum of 3 students in a session and a max of 10.

Note: This is not a Beginner's Class.